The Truth about Weight Loss

If you’ve come to me about weight loss, we first need to turn the concept of “weight loss” on its head. Weight loss for the sake of seeing a lower number on the bathroom scale is too often a great way to sabotage genuine success in losing weight. When it comes to weight loss, what most of us think is success is too often actually, beneath the surface, stagnation or setback.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Jesus as quoted in John 8:32 (NIV 1984)
  • I want you to know that weight is not weight, that there are different kinds of weight in the body, and that knowing this — truly knowing this — can make all the difference in your success this time.
  • You need to know that you will initially (possibly) be gaining weight in the first few days: about one to three pounds (see point 1. below.) I’m telling you this now so that you don’t freak out too much when it happens — and to invite you and encourage you to begin to change your definition of PROGRESS and SUCCESS to more true parameters so that you can break free once and for all.
  • Next up: I want you to get rid of your bathroom scale. The scale is too often an enemy that can do a number on our thinking and really sabotage our efforts and our successes. It can even “make” us quit just when we’re truly starting to break free and gain solid ground.

You will be gaining weight in the following areas. Weight gain in these areas are great signs of success. Yes, I know, it sounds weird.

  1. INITIAL WATER WEIGHT – the good kind: In the first few days, especially if you are generally dehydrated (and most people are), you can expect to gain one to three pounds of total weight. This weight gain I’m talking about is due to hydration (a very good thing for health and true weight loss) and initial hypertrophy of the muscles (also a very good thing.) Note: I’m not talking here about the water weight that is related to inflammation and disease. I’m talking about getting your water into the inside of your cells so that your cells can actually do their jobs, each taking in nutrition and excreting wastes — and then having those wastes removed from the body.
  2. MUSCLE WEIGHT: Steadily over time you will gain muscle weight that accompanies strength. This is a hugely good thing. From now on, our focus is on building muscle — making it denser and heavier. The denser and heavier the muscles, the more your metabolism increases. The more your metabolism increases, the more you burn fat. Burning fat is where it’s at. Our goal is to safely get you to a point of burning fat very efficiently twenty-four hours a day, every day for the rest of your life. ‘Cause muscle does that. It burns fat twenty-four hours a day. The denser the muscle, the more you have on your body, the more you will burn fat in every moment of your waking and sleeping life. (Kinda like passive income.)
  3. BONE WEIGHT: This is also a hugely good thing. We want strong, dense bones that will take us through a lifetime of active and vibrant living. We also want bones to increase in diameter and circumference. The stronger our frame, the greater the benefits. We want more bone weight — or at the very least, to maintain all that we have.

In summary, the most important thing, besides safety and your feeling increasingly confident and competent with yourself and your abilities, is your ability to burn fat day and night.

I want you to be a 24-hour-a-day fat burning machine. It’s about building muscle. It’s about doing it through strengthening gently in very smart ways, and it’s also about eating wisely so that the muscles can do what they do in order to bring you to a place of greater ease with and delight in your body.

You can experience success in weight loss. Knowledge is power. Once we know simple truths, possibilities can open up like never before. Give weight loss another shot, but this time I encourage you to hit it from a new angle, one not bent on deprivation and frustration, but on building you up in all the right ways.


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Bathroom scale featured image from Pixabay at Pexel

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