Fitness: Where Do I Begin? (Part 1)

Part 1: Address Your Motives:

Determine Your What’s and Why’s

Are you having trouble starting a fitness program because you don’t know where to begin? You are not alone by any means. This post is dedicated to basic and fundamental advice on getting started with fitness so that you can transform your mind, your body and your life.

This part one, in more of an outline form, addresses the necessary and vital preliminaries to an ultimately successful path with health and fitness as a lifestyle and for life. By sincerely addressing the points below, we can grant ourselves a much more solid base for knowing ourselves, knowing what attracts us and knowing what repels us. All can be used effectively for motivation, not just in the moment, but more importantly, for the long haul.


  • Know WHAT you want. What is it that you want? For your body? Your health? Your life?
  • Know WHAT you don’t want. What is it you don’t want? What are you fed up with putting up with? What do you not want for your body, your health and your life?
  • Know WHY you want it? Motives are really important. The more the better. Why do you truly want what you want? What is the driving force? What are the insecurities, the hopes, the pains and the dreams?
  • Know WHAT you think will happen if you DON’T achieve or become what you want. Where will you be one year from now? Five years? Ten years? What will your appearance or your health be like? How will your clothes fit? Will you still be able to get around? To walk? To be free of pain and stiffness? Where will your blood pressure or your cholesterol be? Will you be able to have the degree of independence, interdependence and freedom you desire?
  • Know WHAT you think will happen if you DO achieve or become what you want. Imagine a slightly leaner body for yourself… or improved posture… or an ability to move around and reach and bend and lift with ease and without pain or stiffness. Imagine yourself stronger, more motivated — your mind brighter, clearer. Imagine your blood work coming back so beautiful that you want to frame it and display it in your kitchen. Imagine playing with and loving the people who mean the most to you. Imagine loving yourself and your Creator in ways that you may only dream of now. What would you be doing? Who would you be helping? Whose suffering would you be alleviating? Who would you be giving hope to? Where would you be? Who would be around you? Who wouldn’t? How would you feel? About yourself? About those around you? About living your purpose or your dreams? Would you be more fearless? Full of courage? Steadfast? Joyful? Resilient? Tenacious?

Would you… could you… begin to imagine what breaking free would look like in your life and feel like in your soul?

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels

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