Are You on Top of Your Workout Game?

Are you on top of your workout game?

Are you training consistently in the areas that are most important to you?

Do You Have a Plan?

Do you have a plan on paper or engraved in your mind? Are your trainings scheduled? Do you have backups for when trainings don’t happen?

Do you have flexibility, strength and mobility training built into your regular workouts? How about cardio? How about time outdoors?

Are You Competent?

Do you know what you’re doing? Do you need extra help — or do you have the tools you need to make things happen? Are things happening in the direction you want them to happen? Do you mentally note progress, stalls and obstacles, as well as respond to them smartly?

Are You Getting the Help You Need?

If you need care from medical/health professionals or help from fitness professionals, are you seeking it out? If you need more information or more time or more clarity or more energy in order to be on your game, are you on it?

Are You Pacing Yourself?

Are you training diligently and recovering well?

Are you able to pace yourself so that you limit your chances of injuries and pulls, as well as your chances of physical, mental and emotional over-training? If you do pull a muscle, are you nursing it back towards full health and away from aches and pains as much as possible? Are you considering possible nutritional/environmental contributors to or detractors from your process and successes? Are you incorporating new solutions, strategies and systems along the way as you find that they are needed?

Are You Being Consistent?

Are you on top of your training game? Are you on it, day in and day out, rain, sleet, heat, or snow? Are you being persistent and perseverant, regardless of the climate, the naysayer voices in your head or distractions that come up to threaten your steadfastness and progress?

Are You Being Flexible and Introspective?

What are kinks that need to be worked out? Is it time to take on a bit more or back off a bit in any area?

Are You Being Resilient?

When you get knocked down and thrown or nudged off your path, do you get right back up and right back on? Do you bounce back, hour after hour and day after day?

How’s Your Self-Talk?

Are you celebrating your gains? Are you being kind and encouraging with yourself? Understanding and yet firm?

Are you on top of your workout game?

Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

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