The Incredibility of Celery

Celery by NO means caught my attention growing up. Throughout the years I had heard two things about celery. One: it was soooo low in calories that it actually cost more energy to digest it than its caloric worth. So basically, in the end, celery has negative calories (NOT that I’m a calorie counter, but, finding this a bit of an anomaly, I was impressed.) And two: it’s good for your nerves.

This past year I discovered online how you could grow new celery just by putting its base in water. I didn’t have great success with my stalk-growing attempts over the summer. But now, fully immersed in winter, I find celery bases at the window thriving on their water rations. Once again, I find myself impressed.

All this time, despite all the cool celery discoveries, I was never really impressed enough to actually EAT celery. Instead, I found myself buying it on pretty much a weekly basis, then letting it rot and wind up in my simpleton compost system.

Recently, however, I brought celery sticks along with me to run errands and found myself thoroughly enjoying them. I’d never before considered how much liquid is in celery or how incredibly crunchy it is, or how it can be filling and satisfying as a snack. That said, celery is now a solid component of my lifestyle.

Have you ever truly eaten celery? I mean, really paid attention to it? Paid acute attention to the incredible amount of crunch you can get from one bite? Even a long, slow crunch. And then notice how when you bite down how much water gets extracted from the fibrous stalk …and then there’s the deep satisfaction of a bite well pre-digested. Not only that, it’s cool and crisp, as though you were eating the weather on a perfect day.

Celery is also clean and energizing. Takes care of appetite in a pinch. So economical. So easy to prepare. A great, non-messy, non-sticky snack food.

So funny how things can sometimes delightfully — and as if on their own — turn around for the positive when we least expect it.

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